Let nourishing foods inspire a lifetime of health


The GAPS Club:


An online educational program

You will be taught the basic tenets of the GAPS, Gut and Psychology Syndrome Protocol from a Certified GAPS Practitioner.


An online support group

People can find others who are going through the same challenges and using the GAPS Diet to heal.


An online resource

Helping you find the tools to learn how to heal and seal your gut.

The GAPS diet stands for Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome created by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. Dr. McBride recognized that there is a connection between the gut and the brain and the rest of the body, and asserted that if there is a leaky gut, then there would be a correlation with toxins in the brain and body.  Our gut is home to 80% of our immune function, and thus a healthy gut is imperative for a healthy body. So if you work on the foundation, heal and seal the gut lining, then the body and brain function will improve. There are now tens of thousands of people who would agree with her.

Are you ready to take charge of your health by using your own kitchen?

Are you regularly constipated?

Do you suffer from IBS?

Do you have low energy?

Do you have depression or other mental issues that make life more difficult?

Do you suffer from allergies or food sensitivities?

Are you a parent looking to find answers for your child’s behavior?

Have you used antibiotics for long periods of time? Do you have eczema or psoriasis?

Do you have an autoimmune condition?

If you answered yes, to any of the above questions, than the GAPS CLUB is for for you.

What does the GAPS Club course look like?

fork-spoon-knifeWeek 1­ Healthy Digestion,­ What does it look like? A new culture

Week 2­ Gut/Brain Connection. A closer look at the Gut and Psychology Syndrome and Gut and Physiology Syndrome

Week 3 ­The GAPS Nutritional Protocol­. How does it compare with SCD, PALEO, AUTO-IMMUNE PALEO, FODMAPS?

Week 4­ GAPS Full Diet

Week 5­ GAPS Introduction Diet

Week 6­ GAPS Detoxification

Week 7­ GAPS Supplementation / Essential Oils

Week 8­ Living With GAPS

Reserve your Spot at the Club:

Program #1:­ GAPS Club Self-Study­

Eight Week Self-Study Course­ – Nuts and Bolts of GAPS Diet Protocol.
With the purchase of GAPS CLUB Self Study for $29.99, you will have instant access to the classroom.
The 8 modules will include goals and objectives, power point presentations, and recipe demos.
+ Recipes
+ Workbook that includes food journal, meal planning, hope journal
+ Online community access to Facebook group
+ Essential oil module

How do you know if GAPS CLUB is for you?

You have heard of the GAPS diet, but you want to learn how to integrate it. Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride understands that this decision is a radical change, not only in diet, but in lifestyle as well, and the need for constant support and guidance is imperative for success. If you are ready to be successful and feel better than ever, than the GAPS CLUB is for you.


The GAPS CLUB will show you the way!

In Eight Weeks you will have:


  • An understanding of the importance of digestion as a foundation of health for your whole body.
  • A working knowledge of the GAPS diet protocol including the Introduction, Full, and coming off the diet. As well as familiarity with SCD, AutoImmune Paleo and FODMAPS.
  • Detox strategies, supplementation and essential oil knowledge to support a non-toxic lifestyle.
  • Tons of resources for GAPS menu planning, traveling with GAPS, healing your body.
  • Nutrient dense kitchen techniques and skills to support the GAPS diet, such as how to make the best bone broth, fermented foods, and snacks for you and your family.
  • A passion to learn more about your own health and share what you know.
  • A viable solution to your health issues.